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As I was reading the eighth chapter of Crazy Love by Francis Chan, it came to me that I am such a fool sometimes to think that I can take control of everything in my life.

Coming here to the USA, when I am sick with a cold or a severe headache guess what I do? I google my symptoms (Ha!) and then I decide to go to the doctor. When I am hungry, I run downstairs, open my fridge, 8 out 10 I wouldn’t like what is in there, so I drive to the restaurant. When I need a job, I update my application and send hundreds of emails to my connection. When I need more money, I call my parents or I ask for more hours at my job. When I am sad, I turn on my ‘happy’ music, or I’d go to the movies, or call a friend to cheer me up. When my grades aren’t looking good, I go to my teacher or advisor, or I just drop the class (can you relate?). When I am tired, I jump on my comfortable queen size bed, turn my fan on, put the music on and sleep. When there is really nothing I can do about it, then I decide to ask God to help me get through it. 

All that to say that I come to realize that I rely too much on myself and this world. I am thinking what do I need God for then if I can handle all my problems and can manage to find a solution for all of them on my own? I want this to change. I want to live by hope and by faith, only. I want to believe in miracles again, and I want to trust God fully with whatever is going on in my life. Trust that he has been taking care of me, and that he will always be there for me no matter how many stupid mistakes I make.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
 and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
 and he will make straight your paths.

—Proverbs 3:5-6 

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Watch THIS! 

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Have you ever been in love? Have you ever loved someone so much that sometimes you forget to think about yourself because all you can think about is him? I know the feeling of being in love. It is amazing! He is on my mind everyday and just thinking about him brings joy into my life instantaneously. I don’t even have to try to think about him, as I breathe I think of him. It becomes natural. Everything I look at and every song I hear remind me of him. When everything else around me seems to be going wrong, thinking of him makes me feel so much better. The feeling is so intense that I can never forget how it feels. I constantly want him to know that I love him, I want to tell him that I love him and that I want him. I never mind driving hours just to see him, sometimes not even for long. I want to stay up late talking to him all night. Everything I do with him is romantic even if it brings pain later. Every time it hurts, I smile :) I don’t ever want to be far from him. It hurts like nothing I’ve felt before when I miss him. This is how it felt when I was in love. 

But tonight Jesus I feel the need to tell YOU how I truly feel about YOU at this moment in my life. Sometimes YOU aren’t the most important thing in the life that YOU gave me. However, I say so many times that I love YOU and that I am in a relationship with YOU. But Jesus I know that I can’t fool YOU. YOU are the one and only. I am so sorry for that. I am sorry for putting my education before YOU because YOU only give me this brain to use. I am sorry for chosen my family and friends over you so many time because I know that no one on earth is worth my salvation. I am sorry for cursing every now and then. I am sorry for judging others, I am sorry for lying. I am sorry for not giving enough, I am sorry for not being grateful and thankful. I am sorry for lacking conversation with YOU. I am so sorry Jesus…

I want to grow in love with YOU. I want to think that everything is possible when I think about YOUR unfailing love for me. I want to find myself wanting and waiting to talk to YOU and hear from YOU desperately. I want to long for YOU. I want to want to read YOUR words and I want to desire to worship YOU only. I want to enjoy YOU. I don’t want to do anything for YOU out of obligation, I don’t want it to feel like work. I want YOU to be my first thought when YOU allow me to open my eyes in the morning, I want to fall asleep every night as I think of YOU. I want to let YOU change me. I want YOU now Jesus!

I want YOU to help me grow in love with YOU. I want YOU to help me love others the same way I love YOU. Help me to want to tell others about YOU, to let everyone know about our relationship and how YOU love me, still. I need YOU Jesus, I want YOU. Help me focus only on YOU everyday of my lifetime. Everything is about YOU. I want YOU to change me. I want to find pleasure and true satisfaction in my relationship with YOU. Help me love YOU more than anything and anyone on this earth. When I think about YOUR love for me and YOUR kingdom help me to want to give up and sell everything in order to gain them because Jesus I know that the day that I stop loving and pursuing you, I will sin. I will do things and say things that do not reflect YOU. Don’t give me the opportunity to wonder…I need YOU, I want YOU, I want to grow in love with YOU :)

(Inspired after I read chapter 6 of Crazy Love for my Sunday school)

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"Imagine if people you meet walk away feeling “wow, there’s something special about you”?"

Jesus Christ in you

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"Quote #1: Eventually every healthy relationship reaches a point when the D.T.R (define the relationship) talk is needed. It’s time to define this relationship that you have with Jesus. He wants to know how you feel about him. Is your relationship with Jesus exclusive? Is it just a casual weekend thing or has it moved past that? How would your relationship with Jesus be defined? what exactly is your level of commitment?"

Not a Fan - Kyle Idleman 

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My favorite lines: 
1.”So men, grow up! Put down the controller, how about you lead her with grace instead of trying to control her. 
2.”So for the singles, become friends first before you ever become lovers. Pursue Jesus as your foundation, before you get under the cover.”
3.”A strong friendship before marriage will make a good marriage after.”
4.”Marriage isn’t just sex, it is conversation and laughter.”
5.”You might share a checkbook or a house, but are you actually friends?”
6.”If marriage isn’t a commitment, then what is the point of the vows we say?”
7.”Till death do us part, really means till the feeling goes away.”
8.”It is not the love that sustains the promise, it is the promise that sustains the love.”
9.”When you trust in me, you no longer have to hide.”
10.”You are spotless, you’re blameless, there’s no sin in you.”
All of it basically haha!

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Yep!!! It doesn’t matter what you look like physically, if you are a man and you truly love Jesus and you are bold about it, I think you are VERY beautiful inside & out!!!

Yep!!! It doesn’t matter what you look like physically, if you are a man and you truly love Jesus and you are bold about it, I think you are VERY beautiful inside & out!!!

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True that! 

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Finally we made a video of our May 2011 Haiti mission trip. Hope you enjoy it..Happy New Year!! To see some of the pictures click on that link:  http://livingitall4him.tumblr.com/post/10570315036/haitimissiontripmay2011

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love love love that video. I want to watch it every morning for the rest of my life :)